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Smiling kid child girl brushing teeth in bathroom

Tooth Herbs

We get asked what we use for brushing and tooth and gum health.   This can take some getting used to, as it doesn’t foam... ...
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Morning sickness

There are many remedies for the dreaded morning sickness, and no one remedy works for every mommie, here are some ideas to try. Some have... ...
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Food poisoning

You get a sudden pain in your stomach, and know you are in trouble. The body reacts, intelligently by trying to return to sender what... ...
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Something every parent has the honor of doing is dealing with the doo doo. Here are some helpful tips to follow – “One of the... ...
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Blood poisoning-red line traveling up to the heart.

If a wound gets infected it can send a red line up your arm, there is an excellent home remedy, but needs to be applied... ...
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Spider on web

Spider bites

It is red and doesn’t seem to be a bee or wasp sting, what now? There are several spiders in Utah, some more concerning than... ...
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