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Pediatric Chiropractic for Ages 0-21 and Pregnant mothers that need the Webster Technique.

Super Kids Wellness Care


We LOVE babies! Get help with Colic, reflux, failure to thrive, ear infections, torticollis, sleep disorder, slow to crawl, constipation, difficulty nursing and getting a latch.


Not walking when they should, ear infections, sleep issues, falls, constipation, headaches, "growing pains",.

Kiddos and Teens

Sports injuries, constipation, bedwetting aka Nocturnal Enuresis, headaches and migraines, back pain, carpal tunnel, shin splints, plantar fascitis,

Pregnant Mommies

Certified in the ICPA (International Chiropractic Association) for the Webster technique. We love helping Pregnant mommies, and supporting them through pregnancy and delivery.

Membership Benefits

Our parents choose wellness, well educated parents make great healers.

Mindful Mommies group

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Membership site

Home care protocols for many different conditions available 24/7 and many other resources just for you.

Access to your doctor 24/7

Tried the home care protocols and still need help or have questions? As a member you can call your doctor day and night, we don't make screaming kids wait till morning.

Unlimited visits

As a practice member you can come in any day we are open, we don't limit the visits you get per month.

Monthly Membership

Single Membership

Membership for One kiddo or one pregnant Mom
$100 per month
  • $150 to join then only $100 a month.

All the Kiddos!

Membership for all kiddos in the immediate family
$150 per month
  • $300 to join then only $150 a month
  • Includes membership for all siblings

One Kiddo plus a gift

A membership for you and someone in need.
$200 per month
  • $150 to join and $200 a month
  • A Gift membership is given to someone in need
  • You can choose or let the doctor choose.
  • Kids Only Covers the cost of their intake


“Really Impressed with kids only chiropractic! Dr. Roller took a ton of time with our family and made my kids feel so comfortable. I was impressed with his insights with each child and their different needs. Will definitely be back and would highly recommend!"

Brynn Lillywhite

“Our newborn baby was extremely fussy her first night, and had a difficult time eating or sleeping. After she received an adjustment from Dr. Roller, the difference was remarkable! She's been eating and sleeping beautifully. We highly recommend Dr. Roller to all our friends!"

Jeremy Daley

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Caring for kids is everything, and we want to be there to help you through.